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Montauk United

Providing Montauk Residents a Means to Speak and Act as One!


Airport Questionnaire

Posted by John Stikeman on 7 October, 2017 at 18:10

The folllowing is a Montauk United sponsored questionnaire sent to the six candidates for the East Hampton Town Board. An analysis of the results will be published on our website as soon as the results are available.


As a service to the residents of Montauk, MONTAUK UNITED requests all Town Board candidates to respond to the following questionnaire. Upon completion, please sign, date and return the completed questionnaire, in the preaddressed and stamped envelope, no later than October 15, 2017 or, if you prefer, via email. Unanswered questionnaires and questions will be categorized as “no response”. All data will be published at MONTAUKUNITED.ORG and in the East Hampton Star.

1: I believe Montauk residents are entitled to the same degree of Town Board support, attention and protection from aircraft noise as historically provided to other East Hampton Town residents.

_______________ YES NO_________________

2: If elected, under no circumstances will I support an increase in aircraft traffic at the Montauk Airport due to any future proposed actions by the E.H. Town Board.

________________YES NO_________________

3: I do not support the closure of the E.H. Airport.

________________YES NO__________________

4: If elected I will support the ANCA, Part 161 airport noise control application process which will cost, at a minimum of $1.5 - $2 million dollars.

________________YES NO___________________

5: If a Part 161 application process is approved by the Town Board, there must be a monetary cap on funds to be expended on the project.

________________YES NO___________________

6: I believe the Town of East Hampton should purchase the Montauk Airport.

________________YES NO___________________


Signature____________________ Date_________________

Thank- You for your cooperation,


Categories: Member Reports

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